Friday 20 November 2009

Lanzarote Diving November 2009

A video of my two dives in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote. I dived with Rubicon Diving, at two dive sites, Twin Pipes and Flamingo Wall. In this video our dive guide Rich shows us some surprising fish and shark encounters.

Sunday 1 November 2009

Combining SharePoint and Web Content Management

Chris from Noko has just posted an article on using SharePoint with a web content management system, specifically Alterian CMC SharePoint Connector:

"We thought we’d share some of our experiences of how the SharePoint Connector for Alterian CMC (previously called Immediacy CMS) is being used and the value it can deliver, which you'll find interesting if you're currently using Alterian CMC and reviewing SharePoint, or are a SharePoint user interested extending SharePoint's reach out to your web and extranet sites."

I invested a lot of time, love and devotion in developing this along with other developers at Alterian, so it's great to see good words about 'my baby'!