Monday 5 July 2010

Cycling to and from Work - with my iPhone 4

I've been cycling to and from work 2 days a week for over 6 months now, and have really been enjoying it. Today I decided to introduce some tech to the experience, and downloaded the app iMapMyRide (Free edition). I started the route recording, and just left the phone in my shorts pocket safely buttoned up. I was pretty impressed with the results - I was seriously expecting it to not result in accurate tracking data at all, but pretty much it's spot on.

I don't profess to my cycling commute to be long or arduous, however it is pretty hilly (check the elevation graphs) but despite that, it's awesome fun.

See below for the route summaries.

To Work:

From Work:


Anonymous said...

I installed this last night. First impressions, great.

However there are some bugs on their website (even on the new BETA one).

Here's my route:

However the elevation is clearly wrong, I live 15m from sea level (if that!) However the website shows me starting off at 250m and going down. If only.

If you have weak GPS signal, it starts counting (unable to plot as expected) but doesn't include that time in your mph.

Overall, a nice encouragement to cycle more though!

Andreas said...

If your using your iPhone another app you might wanna give a go is the bike doctor app - shows you how to do 20 bike fixes